4Betterllc is a company made to inspire others to come together and achieve goals and dreams no matter how big. We invest into the mindset and ideas of new and uprising small businesses, that have the ambition to create something bigger and better not only for themselves but for the environment around them. Our slogan; "Why do you keep going?" is a question we encourage everyone to ask themselves before pursuing their self journey of discovering what keeps you ambitious about your success at life. The company is made to support 3 clothing brands (Peace Hardly, Pure Platinum, and Misfit Oddball) by its founder Noyvng in an attempt to achieve self-confidence and style within our customers. We want to provide our customers with the most stylish and fashionable wear for all activities and events! The love and support for our company is well appreciated and hope that it continues as we attend to grow and expand further into to the future.

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